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1.       We do not offer compensation to authors.

2.       All articles should be written to journalistic standards.

3.       Articles should offer meaningful content that is of interest to our readers. Appropriate topics might be related to cloud security, futuristic articles about cloud/robotics, thought leadership on CIO related management topics, or articles that would be of use to dotcloud startup entrepreneurs.

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We DO NOT accept:

1.       Articles written solely for SEO and backlinks. If you think that the primary purpose of an article is to serve as a wrapper for a backlink to your money site, don’t submit here.

2.       Self-promotional or advertorial content. We’re not interested in “this is our product, aren’t we great” articles. Write about your industry, not about your product.

3.       Content not related to our core mission of cloud and as-a-service thought leadership.

4.       Articles not written to journalistic standards. Thinly written content with generalized content that appears to be nothing more than a Wikipedia article rewritten enough to pass Copyscape will be rejected.


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